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What's it like to be an intern at TrueNorth Companies? We sat down with the first-ever fully-remote TrueNorth interns and asked them. Read their commentary on TrueNorth and what they found most valuable about their summer experience with our company. 

Interns of TrueNorth 2019

What have you learned about yourself throughout your experience at TrueNorth and what takeaways will you apply in your professional career?



“My main takeaway from this internship was to learn about a company's culture before working for them. TrueNorth opened my eyes to what a company's culture should be like. Also, the technologies I had the to opportunity to work helped me learn valuable skills that I can take with me moving forward.” – Noah, Project Management Intern





“Personally, I've learned more about how to communicate and interact with others in a professional setting. I now feel more confident in my abilities to speak with my colleagues and offer up my comments and ideas to a team of people. I've also learned more about how to be autonomous and take ownership for projects and tasks I'm working on. My leader let me take a lot of tasks on and own a lot of content creation. That also increased my confidence in my abilities to take a task and run with it. Overall, I've learned tons of valuable workplace skills that I know will benefit me in the future." – Victoria, Communications Intern




“I have learned that I strive to work for TrueNorth or a similar employer who heavily invests in its employees. I learned that I appreciate people around and that I was able to contribute and add value despite the remote setting.” – Connor, Risk Management Intern





TrueNorth intern selected to receive scholarship


TrueNorth 2020 intern, Kayla Carlson was selected to receive a $5,000 scholarship from The Council Foundation. 

 Read More About The Council Foundation Awards 




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