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What's it like to intern at TrueNorth Companies?

Hear from our largest Intern class to date! Read their commentary on what it's like to work for TrueNorth, learn about their favorite professional experiences, including how they have learned, grown, and have made an impact during their internship!

What have you learned about yourself throughout your experience at TrueNorth that you can apply in your future professional career?

"I learned that I am better at giving presentations than I have previously given myself credit for. As a business student, I can take this experience and carry it with me into my professional career." 
-Leland Ropp, Claims Intern




"I've realized I have a stronger work ethic than I have previously given myself credit for. I got a taste of what it'd be like working in the real world and it's not as nerve-racking as I anticipated it to be. Before this internship, I thought of myself as highly introverted. However, through a variety of resources, like the MPO evaluation, and interacting with fellow Colleagues, I've realized I'm much more open to collaboration and working with a team.
-Francine Jackson, Service Intern


What did you like most about your internship with TrueNorth?



"I like being able to learn, grow, and develop my skills in an environment that also empowers me to apply my skills to the goals of the team and bring something to the table."   

-Jacob Chaplin, Marketing and Digital Intern




"My favorite part about the internship was meeting fellow Colleagues and building my network. Everyone at TrueNorth has made me feel important, and has been super resourceful. I feel as if the program is made to create value in my life that I can carry with me outside of the internship.
-Megan Murphy, Business Analyst Intern


How did you learn, grow, and create an impact during your internship with TrueNorth?


"I learned tons about insurance and what it's like to work in an office environment. I learned what skills are needed in a job like this, and how important work ethic and dedication can be to a team. I discovered that working hard and asking questions can be a lot more influential than trying to know everything." 
-Luke Lubbers, Service Intern


Are you TrueNorth Intern material?

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