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What's it like to be an intern at TrueNorth Companies? We sat down with the largest class of TrueNorth interns to date and asked them. Read their commentary on TrueNorth and what they found most valuable about their summer experience at our corporate headquarters in Cedar Rapids. 

Interns of TrueNorth 2018

How would you describe TrueNorth's Culture?

Drew, Business Development Intern
"The environment where people are joyful and comfortable presenting their genuine personalities is a community that feels very similar to a family. I would describe the culture at TrueNorth as a community built like a family. It creates the rare situation where individuals are excited to start their day. The sense of trust present and the connections formed with your co-workers motivates people to be the best versions of themselves delivering their highest quality work." - Andrew Spadaro, Business Development Intern
Andjela, Marketing Intern
"TrueNorth’s culture is fun, energized, and there’s always an open-door policy." - Andjela Calasan, Marketing Intern
Lauren, Risk Management Intern
"Great culture with a sense of community that fosters learning, growth and success." - Lauren Meyer, Risk Management Intern
Adel, Employee Benefits Intern
"Inclusive. The second you step into your role at TrueNorth you’re welcomed with a team that brings you in and offers you their support and guidance. Everyone wants to see you thrive in your position at TrueNorth!" - Adel Elessais, Employee Benefits Intern

What does it take to be successful at TrueNorth?

Nicole, Paralegal Intern
"To be successful at TrueNorth you must be willing to try new things. The environment is very welcoming and open to questions and new ideas, you just must be willing to dive in and give it your best shot. " - Nicole Votroubek, Paralegal Intern
Jack, Risk Management Intern
"The most important thing someone needs to do to be successful at TrueNorth is to continue learning. There is an opportunity to grow within the company if you take initiative and fill a role that the company needs." - Jack Miller, Risk Management Intern

Are you TrueNorth intern material?

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