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What's it like to be an intern at TrueNorth Companies? We sat down with the largest class of TrueNorth interns to date and asked them. Read their commentary on TrueNorth and what they found most valuable about their summer experience at our company. 

Interns of TrueNorth 2019

Why did you decide to apply at TrueNorth?

Jack, Claims Intern
"I had done some research on a few insurance agencies and the culture of TrueNorth really stuck out to me. I had previously had first-hand experience with the company, but I knew being here in Cedar Rapids and being completely submerged in the culture would be the best thing for me." - Jack Mann, Claims Intern
Courtney, Business Systems Analyst
"I decided to apply at TrueNorth because of the company’s strong reputable name that is widely recognized in the community for its unique culture and its ‘best of the best’ employees. I have always been interested in learning about the insurance industry and this internship position was the perfect opportunity. - Courtney Janssen, Business Systems Analyst

What value did you gain from TrueNorth?

Robbie, Business Development Intern
"Of all the things I learned while at TrueNorth, the most valuable skill I developed was thinking critically and working intentionally. By the end of my internship, I started to think differently and found new ways to approach a problem. I'm excited to develop these skills further and apply it to my work in college and my professional career going forward." - Robbie DiCosola, Business Development Intern
Erin, Creative Services Intern
"One thing I learned throughout this experience is the power of the relationships you create. Connecting with others in the firm not only helps you grow within the company, but it helps you form a network of people you can lean on when you need to. I do not think this internship would have been the same if we were not such a close-knit group of interns."  - Erin Foley, Creative Services Intern

What legacy did you leave at TrueNorth?

Kendall, Creative Services Intern
"I left the legacy of being a strong contributor to both the Creative and Intern teams. I would seek out projects that would benefit from my perspective and was an extra set of eyes when needed. I was able to put my mark on many different deliverables, and it was incredible to see my hard work being utilized." - Kendall Erenberger, Creative Services Intern
Josh, BI Intern
"The legacy I have left at TrueNorth would be my can-do attitude. I was always willing to take on new tasks and never ran away from a challenge. Those I worked with were more than happy with my willingness to help."  - Josh Berner, BI Intern

Are you TrueNorth intern material?

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