As technology becomes more complex and sophisticated, so do the threats you face. 

The spectrum of cyber risks is limitless; threats, some more serious than others, can have wide-ranging effects on the individual and their organizations. The Cyber Defender is a proprietary risk reduction program designed to help businesses navigate the ever-increasing threat of cyber-crime by creating a custom cyber defense plan as unique as your business. 

Cyber Defender Process

We invite you to take the Risk Defender cyber liability threat assessment.

  Assess your cyber risk   


TrueNorth's Cyber Defender process is built to protect data, prepare and plan for future threats, all while leveraging technology to maximize opportunities for your organization.


We start our engagement by gaining a deep understanding of your present-day strengths, objectives, threats, and needs through a guided discussion of your business vision. We'll assemble a cross-functional technology team to assess current leads and envision goals and how emerging technology impacts your organization.


After a detailed internal review, we'll present a roadmap that outlines specific recommendations and implementation timelines to address emerging risks.


We reconvene with educationally focused sessions that give a transparent account of the progress made and provide specific and timely recommendations for further action. 


Annually, we'll connect to measure, assess and refine our plan for progress to continuously improve efforts. We solicit feedback, reflect on program status, measure financial impact and make adjustments accordingly. 

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