Imagine what you can build with the right amount of passion.

At TrueNorth, our Construction Specialty Group is actively building services for the people that build America.  Learn more about CSG's Founder and Executive Vice President, Devin Pipkin, and the road that led him to create a nationally-recognized specialty. 

From a young age, Devin has been fueled by dreams and ambitions. With an early interest in the construction industry, he aspired to become a contractor and move to Colorado to build A-frame cabins in the Rocky Mountains. But his life and dreams changed on October 1, 1976, when he was struck by a drunk driver while riding his bicycle down a rural road. 

While the road to recovery has spanned decades, Devin's dreams and ambitions never wavered. Although the pain continues to follow him, he made a commitment to never lose his dream or let the pain win. With the help of TrueNorth, Devin reconnected with the industry to develop a specialty that served to benefit contractors across the country.

With the help and love of many, Devin's life story has come "full circle:"

  • Childhood dream of a life in construction
  • A nearly fatal accident
  • A mother's gift of magic 
  • The fork in the road
  • A probation officer's vision
  • Two failed businesses
  • A home in insurance
  • Becoming a specialist
  • Claiming the role of author

With the mission of being the ultimate partner for contractors, Devin and the Construction Specialty Group make an effort to advocate for and offer guidance to contractors within the construction industry. 

Life comes full circle if you let it - had it not been for the accident, Devin would not have been where he is today, nor would his impact be so profound on the industry. Today, Devin challenges teams and leaders to dream bigger and take initiative over their aspirations and greet each new day with the question, "How can I make this a good thing?"

Join Devin and Bring Your Business "Full Circle" 

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