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We are currently fielding concerns from drivers on how they should prepare in the event of a local outbreak of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) or begin to experience symptoms. In response, we have compiled a list of tips and trusted resources. We invite you to add our page to your favorites as we continue to provide updates. 

SBA LoN ns Financial Information

CARES Act Information

Financial Assistance and Trusted Resources

Financial Aid & Resources


Protect Yourself

CARES Act Information

  TrueNorth: CARES Act Overview for IC's  

SBA Loan Information: 

​Additional Financial Resources:

Please note: if you are a 1099 / Owner-Operator / Independent Contactor applying for unemployment eligibility, please list your business as your employer.

Financial Aid & Resources

It's important to have the right business partners in your corner. This is especially true when trying to navigate the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP). Our friends at ATBS recently interviewed Henry Albert from Freightliner's Team Run Smart on his experience with the PPP loan application process. Click the button below to read his advice for those struggling to secure a loan themselves. 

   Are you Using the Right Business Partners?  

While it would be best to work with your commercial bank and/or CPA to pursue loan options, we are so grateful to partner with accounting and tax services companies like ATBS and Equinox Business Solutions and ESI Trucking. Like them, TrueNorth's Independent Advantage team is here to offer drivers access to current and valuable information. Visit their websites below for business insight, FAQ's and more: 


  Equinox Business Solutions  

  ESI Trucking  

Helpful Resources: 

Protect Yourself

America needs its truck drivers to remain healthy during this pandemic. The Independent Advantage team has provided these basic guidelines to help protect yourself from the virus while on the road. The buttons below offer valuable industry insight, opportunities to save on medical expenses and carrier information: 

  ATRI & OOIDA: COVID-19 Impacts on the Trucking Industry  

  CDC: What Long-Haul Truck Drivers Need to Know about COVID-19  

  Personal benefits through Independent Advantage  

  Save on Medical Expenses  

If you have questions or would like more information, please contact your TrueNorth Independent Advantage team today. 

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