TrueChoices personal benefits platform is designed exclusively for owner operators by TrueNorth. These personal benefits are important for you and your family to help protect your health, your business and your financial security.

TrueChoices provides exceptional in-house customer service at competitive, stable rates and our TrueChoices advisors are available to assist with enrollment, claims and questions. This video provides a comprehensive overview of the different benefits offered by TrueChoices. After watching, reach out to one of our advisors – they will happily answer any of your questions and step you through how to enroll.

Now, through Independent Advantage, owner operators can also gain access to WellCard, helping them and their families save money on prescriptions, hearing aids, medical bills and more.

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Business Coverages

Health Insurance

Health Insurance is a core need of all Americans. Choosing the right type of coverage, carrier, and plan design can mean the difference in thousands of dollars in premium savings.

Major Medical

Individual major medical options are available for owner operators through many of the nation's top major medical carriers.


  • Multiple insurance providers from which to choose
  • Several deductibles and co-pay options to designed to assist you in meeting your needs.

Limited Medical

Limited medical coverage is a lower-cost alternative designed to provide assistance with day-to-day medical expenses, such as office visits and routine care. Limited medical plans have an annual cap on the amount the insurer will pay for medical expenses and some benefits have a per visit limit.

  • Multiplan network with thousands of healthcare professionals, ancillary facilities and hospitals nationwide.
  • No deductibles or co-pays, insurance pays first.
  • Life and Critical Illness benefit included.
  • Time-saving, paperless enrollments done over the phone.
  • Customizable solutions to fit your budget.
  • Health advocate services available for assistance to maximize benefits.
  • Call our advisors and receive a one-on-one consultation.

Contact a TrueChoices advisor to learn more and enroll.

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GLI Choice Plus Policy Certificate | GLI Choice Premier Policy Certificate

Personal Benefits

Supplemental Insurance

TrueChoices has supplemental benefits including disability, critical illness, dental, vision, and accident insurance.


As a truck driver, you understand the importance of taking good care of your eyes. TrueChoices offers affordable vision coverage for you and your family. We can help you find an eye doctor with a location that is convenient for you. With the help of vision coverage, you can offset the cost of yearly exams, glasses and contacts - as well as discounted rates on surgery.


TrueChoices offers affordable dental coverage for you and your family. Brushing and flossing your teeth are great ways to continue to keep your teeth and gums healthy on a day-to-day basis, but with the help of regular trips to the dentist, you can maintain the health of your mouth by preventing cavities and tooth decay. Continue to make the best first impression with a pearly smile!

Critical Illness Insurance

Critical Illness Insurance is designed to assist you in managing the cost associated with battling a critical illness. This is a lump sum benefit to assist with medical and/or nonmedical cost associated with the diagnosis of a covered critical illness paid directly to you. TrueChoices offers a plan to help cover some of the costs of these illnesses with several options for you to choose from for you and your family.

The good news is that today, many people with a critical illness survive their life-threatening battles. The bad news is that the cost of that healthcare is rising and medical bills can really pile up when you or a loved one battles a heart attack, stroke, cancer or other serious illness. Are you financially capable to manage the increased cost burden related to the treatment? According to recent studies, the average out-of-pocket costs exceeded $13,000 for the first 90 days of treatment - for those who have health insurance!

Disclosures & Disclaimers:

Critical Illness Policy

Accident Insurance

Mortgages, rent, truck payments, childcare expenses, utilities - they all continue even if you have been injured. Sometimes the physical discomfort is only half of the pain you experience when you are involved in an accident. And by accident, we don’t just mean truck accidents! Accidents happen everywhere – the softball diamond, the stairs, a truck stop parking lot, your garage at home! Something as simple as cooking dinner can result in a burn or a cut that requires medical attention.

TrueChoices is proud to offer 24/7 accident coverage. The plan pays a lump sum directly to you in the event of an accident that prompts medical attention. Because the plan pays the benefits directly to you rather than the doctor or medical facility you have the freedom and flexibility to decide where the money is best used.

Guaranteed issue - no health questions asked. Benefits do not reduce as you get older and this coverage pays regardless of any other insurance you may have.

Disclosures & Disclaimers:

HI+Accident Policy Certificate

Disability Insurance

Typically, people buy property and casualty insurance to protect their possessions (houses, cars and furniture) and life insurance to provide income for their survivors. However, many people don't think about protecting their income with disability insurance. If you were forced out of your truck and your ability to continue to earn an income went away, how long do you think your business and family financial obligations could survive with no income?

Illnesses and injuries don’t stop because you need to put miles on your truck. How long could you stay afloat financially if you couldn’t drive your truck due to an unexpected off-the-job injury or extended illness? All too often, drivers risk their health by returning to work too quickly. TrueChoices disability options can provide much-needed financial security if the unthinkable happens.

The TrueChoices disability coverage is available exclusively to drivers, and our advisors are happy to explain all the different options to you.

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Short Duration Disability Policy

Contact a TrueChoices advisor to learn more and enroll.

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Term Life

Term Life Insurance

Imagining your family’s future without you is never comfortable. But, it is important to make sure that that they are taken care of in the event of your death.

No one likes to talk about life insurance, but it’s an easy and affordable way to help protect your family’s future. We have several options for you to choose from and you can even purchase coverage for your spouse and your dependent children.

Term Life Insurance can provide your family members with financial protection and help pay for expenses, such as funeral costs, medical bills and estate taxes in the event of your death and can help protect your family's lifestyle.

Contact a TrueChoices advisor to learn more and enroll.

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Amalgamated Term Life Policy Certificate

Safety and Compliance


"TrueNorth is the easiest insurance brokerage company I have ever dealt with. Their informative sales team didn’t try to push unwanted policies and they helped compare what they offer to what I had with honesty and integrity; it was an incredible relief. They provided so much care and comfort when my wife was diagnosed with cancer, they literally walked me through the claims process. The financial support this policy provided was an enormous weight off my shoulders. Thank you TrueNorth!"
- Michael Lemon,
"TrueNorth had always done an awesome job in taking care of my needs. They are very helpful and courteous whenever I need help in a situation. As an owner/operator in the trucking industry I know I can rely on TrueNorth to meet my needs whether it be in truck insurance or personal insurance, they have always been there to help me. I would definitely recommend them to do business with."
- Neal Cook,
"From day one when I started with TrueNorth they have been nothing less than 100% professional every customer service representative that I've spoken to has gone beyond their call of duty to answer any questions or resolve any problems I might be having and if I send an email they ALWAYS get back to me in a timely manner, TrueNorth you have a customer for life!! Thank you so much for everything!"
- Andrew Maloney,
Business and Tax Consulting

TrueChoices Resource Guide

The TrueChoices Resource Guide outlines each of the benefits offered by TrueChoices as well as an in-depth overview of the benefits and estimated costs.

Contact a TrueChoices advisor to learn more and enroll.

Call 833-243-8647 TrueChoices Resource Guide

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Safety and Compliance

About TrueChoices

  • Our History

    Established in 2003, TrueChoices was created specifically for the trucking industry to meet the needs of professional truck drivers. As an independent contractor, we know that managing your business and personal risk is hard. At TrueNorth, we have developed solutions to take some of the burden off of you!  TrueChoices is our benefits program for Independent Contractors. We offer competitive, stable rates for major medical and other ancillary coverages.

  • Why TrueChoices?
    1. It’s affordable: Rates are stable and competitive because they are based on a group plan
    2. It’s simple: One phone number handles all education, enrollment, customer service and claims advocacy. TrueChoices specializes in providing solutions for drivers in the trucking industry. Personal protection benefits for drivers and family members is important when it comes to safeguarding your business, family, and financial security.
  • What are you waiting for?


    All plans are guaranteed issue.

    No paperwork to complete.

    One phone number to call for questions, enrollment and customer service.

    Please give one of our enrollment specialists a call at 833-243-8647. We are available Monday-Friday from 8:00am - 5:00pm CST.

    We look forward to speaking with you!

Contact a TrueChoices advisor to learn more and enroll.

Call 833-243-8647

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Safety and Compliance


Contact a TrueChoices advisor to learn more and enroll.

Call 833-243-8647

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The information contained herein is for general information purposes only and should not be relied upon in place of legal and/or risk management advice. All policies referenced herein are subject to the actual terms, conditions, limitations and eligibility requirements of the policies as determined by the applicable insurer.