Community is Important to Us

The three firms that came together to form TrueNorth had many things in common, one of the most important threads was how rooted each of them were in the community.

The founding principals of TrueNorth were then, and continue to be passionate about giving back to the community, where they live, conduct business, and raise their families. That passion has become a cornerstone of TrueNorth, both as a business within the community, but also as an employer. TrueNorth is involved in many of the community’s non-profit organizations and community-focused projects, both from a financial standpoint and as a volunteer:

  • In 2012, TrueNorth was pleased to be voted Runner-up in the Corridor Business Journal’s Best in the Corridor as Most Philanthropic (small business).
  • Last year’s efforts contributed $300,000 to various community based charitable organizations as well as the donation of employee time by logging 400+ volunteer hours to various organizations in need.

TrueNorth’s passion for community was also exhibited after the 2008 floods left much of downtown devastated.

When the library board determined that the Fourth Avenue site that TrueNorth occupied would be the perfect spot for the community’s new library, TrueNorth and its leaders supported that decision. In addition to that support, the organization made it very clear - and very public - that they wanted to have a hand in rebuilding downtown Cedar Rapid’s by keeping the TrueNorth headquarters in the downtown area. Our leaders worked with the city to put together a plan that would refurbish, restore and rebuild the former library site into a showplace office where TrueNorth could reside for many years to come.

TrueNorth is always looking for ways to give back.

If you are a nonprofit, or have a charitable cause close to your heart, we encourage you to contact us.  At TrueNorth, we feel strongly about giving back to the community and would be happy to look into ways we can further and contribute to the cause.   Contact us here or call us at 1.800.798.4080.