TrueNorth Construction Specialty Group: The Advantage Builder

Remain Competitive, Work with a Construction Specialist

Now more than ever, the challenge facing contractors extends far beyond the job site. For those wanting to remain competitive in the industry, they're required to have the expertise, operations, and systems to effectively mitigate many types of risk.

Our solution, The Advantage Builder, gives you an immediate edge and access to expertise unavailable anywhere else. We can help you build for the future. With our 5 phase process, we determine what solutions we might have to manage your risk.

For both general contractors and specialty contractors doing commercial and/or residential jobs, our specialized industry services can include:

  • EMR Containment
  • Contract Review
  • Sub-Contractor Management
  • DOT Regulations
  • Loss Control
  • Bonds
  • TrueTower Program

Why choose us?

We are committed solely to construction risk management. We've done nothing but understand and manage risk for contractors and construction companies for more than twenty years.

For more information contact our Construction Specialists at 800-798-4080.