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February 2023 | How TrueNorth creates value.

At TrueNorth, we take pride in cultivating talent that impacts and inspires the many communities and industries we serve.

January 2023 | Securing our Future

Read more on our leadership advancements and transitions announced to secure our future as a legacy company and broker of choice.

December 2022 | ❄'Tis the Season

The gift of valuable industry insight. We wish you every happiness this holiday season. We are proud to provide you with award-winning talent and resources that will put your mind at ease and support your goals and ambitions for a prosperous new year! Learn more about TrueNorth’s firmwide capabilities as you begin planning for 2023.

November 2022 | 'Tis the Season of Gratitude

We know it’s all about our people. TrueNorth consists of nearly 500 brilliant, caring and dedicated professionals – each charged with finding solutions and delivering value. That commitment is what drives our mission to assist you with protecting and maximizing your assets, resources and opportunities.

October 2022 | Value Creation & Direction

At TrueNorth, we lead with the belief that an engaged and learning mindset can only advance our commitment to innovation, and in turn, create value for you, our client!

September 2022 | The Value of Industry Specialization

When searching for a partner to protect and maximize your business, we feel it’s important to have a relationship and a resource who understands the nuanced challenges and opportunities your business may face. We’re proud to have earned the industry’s trust and confidence.

August 2022 | The Value of Extended Resources

TrueNorth’s Risk Solutions platform offers value beyond the insurance policy because we share our trusted resources and relationships with you. Our solutions are a catalyst for change and are designed to impact areas of your business where you need them most.

July 2022 | Connection Generates Power

At TrueNorth, we don’t just say “Connection Generates Power” - we live it. This mantra speaks to the shared vision and values that tie our colleagues, clients and the communities together. In that connection, we find stability, energy and inspiration – and it proves that we can accomplish and create more together than we ever could alone. 

June 2022 | The Power of Specialization

When searching for a partner to assist you in protecting and maximizing your business, we believe it's important to have a relationship and resource that understands the nuanced challenges and opportunities facing your organization. See how we can unlock potential for you. 

May 2022 | Introducing TrueNorth Solutions Beyond the Policy

No matter the industry, an organization’s success often depends on how well it can adapt and perform to meet industry demands – while often being challenged to “do more with less.” Our Risk & Workforce Solutions are showcased in this month's newsletter.

April 2022 | Announcing our 2021-22 Value Report

The content of this year's annual Value Report honors the many people and organizations that have played a pivotal role in shaping our legacy company. While TrueNorth has grown - both in size and sophistication - our purpose remains unwavering: we exist to create value and you and your business remain at the center of our compass. 

March 2022 | Growth Minded Colleagues, working for YOU!

TrueNorth is honored to be Nationally recognized as a 2022 Top Workplace in the USA by Energage. Read more about how our Growth Minded colleagues are working hard to bring value. 









January 2022 | Welcoming a New President!

TrueNorth is proud to congratulate Trent Tillman on his new role as President, co-leading the firm with Jason Smith as Chief Executive Officer. Read below for more on this transition! 









December 2021 | Happy Holidays! 







November 2021 | 20 years of sound unwavering direction. 

2021 is a significant year for TrueNorth, officially marking our 20th anniversary as a privately held risk management and insurance brokerage firm. Our founders saw incredible potential in building a legacy company that would create value for our clients, colleagues and communities for generations to come. TrueNorth has grown, both in size and sophistication, yet our purpose is unwavering. Our clients remain in the center of our compass.

October 2021 | Value. Confidence. Direction.

When partnering with TrueNorth, you'll gain strong partnerships, benefit from industry insight and feel empowered to implement solutions that extend well beyond your insurance policy. 

September 2021 | Our purpose is to provide value

TrueNorth is built on the collective experience, guidance and hard work of our people. Our commitment strengthens relationships, offers industry insight and creates innovative solutions that ensure our clients thrive.

August 2021 | Our mission is to protect & maximize

At TrueNorth, we have one goal: providing value in ways that help you protect and maximize your assets, resources and opportunities.

July 2021 | Organizations face risk every day

To provide a solution, you must first understand the problem. At TrueNorth, we do this by forming partnerships, offering insight and creating solutions that extend beyond the policy. 

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