TrueNorth University: Self-Funding 101 

Webinar | April 17

Join us for a webinar to hear from industry experts on whether a self-insured plan is right for your company.


Employers choose self-funded plans for multiple reasons including:

  • Cost savings from benefit design changes
  • Increased flexibility and control of your plan
  • Enhanced cash flow
  • Cost savings from reduced premiums

​​Already have a self-insured plan? Learn how to maximize it!

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Safety Roundtable 

Webinar | April 29

It is estimated that over 40 Million people are victims of human trafficking.


This month's safety roundtable will raise awareness of human trafficking to all types of motor vehicle operators and better their understanding of the issues surrounding human trafficking. It will provide information to help combat human trafficking in their day-to-day activities. 


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