TrueNorth University: Open Enrollment, The Digital Experience

Webinar hosted by TrueNorth Companies | September 22


As a result of the resounding success of our recent webinar on digital communication we are excited to be able to bring you a deep dive into Digital Open Enrollment.

The new digital experience includes the following features:

  • Virtual enrollment meetings anywhere through zoom -- no need to gather your workforce in one room
  • Open hours forum allows your employees to log in and ask our specialists any questions they may have -- in a personal and private setting
  • Videos to educate on specific benefit plans
  • User friendly interface makes it easy for employees to select coverages

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Safety Roundtable: Aging Workforce

Webinar hosted by TrueNorth Companies | September 30


Please join TrueNorth for a Safety Roundtable webinar discussing aging workforce challenges.

According to the United States Census, in 2020, one of our every four employees will be age 55 or older. Join us as Dr. Westpheling, with Mercy Occupational Health discusses the challenges of an aging workforce and what proactive measures your company can take.

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Stay tuned for more information and links to register:

October 15: Social Media & Employment Law Webinar with Shuttleworth & Ingersoll

October 23: TrueNorth University 

October 28: Safety Roundtable 

November 12: Helping employees manage their mental health - Webinar with Shuttleworth & Ingersoll 

November 20: Transportation Update with Scopelitis Transportation Consulting 

November 25: Safety Roundtable 


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