The power of one person caring for another.

When it comes to insurance, sometimes the difference between exposure and protection is a friendly connection. Sometimes the difference between catastrophe and coverage is someone taking the time to explain the options. And sometimes, all it takes to change everything is the power of one person caring for another.

The Personal Protection Advantage.

At TrueNorth, we focus on what's most important: the individual needs of our clients. Our simple approach combines personalized service with innovative technology to provide the sort of experience we think everyone deserves. Through The Personal Protection Advantage, we are transforming our industry and the lives of everyone we touch... now and in the future. 

Step One: The Direct Connection

Creating value for our clients starts the moment we engage. With a personalized approach, we listen, learn and then support each individual and their unique needs in an efficient and educational conversation.

Step Two: The Coverage Formula

Protecting the lives and property of our clients is an honor and a responsibility we take seriously. We leverage industry expertise and advanced technology to identify personalized and accurate risk management solutions. 

Step Three: The Proactive Approach

Life has a way of changing on us, and even little changes can have a big impact on decreasing exposure and increasing peace of mind. We regularly communicate with our new clients to review coverages, ensuring that you are protecting what's most important to you.

Just as you are different from every other person, so are your needs and reasons for having them. 

From health insurance to home and auto policies, retirement and financial planning, the specialists at TrueNorth will help you develop a proactive, long-term strategy that is as individual as you are. Find out more about our unique offerings below. 


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