Trust in TrueNorth and work for a company that invests in your future

TrueNorth offers an award-winning internship experience.

An internship with TrueNorth provides valuable work experience that impacts the entire organization and culminates with a group intern project and a final presentation to TrueNorth's executive leadership team.

TrueNorth's internship program will take place May - August 2024.

Real Interns, Real Experiences
"I learned to be confident in the work I do, and that individuals are interested in what I have to say. I grew in terms of professional skill, such as graphic design and content creation. I impacted others by being a team player, a valuable resource, and staying motivated to learn more!"
Real Interns, Real Experiences
"I've learned to say any ideas or questions on my mind and to stop second guessing myself so often. I've seriously pushed myself out of my comfort zone this summer to be more outspoken about my opinions and ideas and it has helped me gain an immense amount of confidence for my professional career."
Real Interns, Real Experiences
"One thing I learned is to enjoy the ride more instead of worrying so much about the destination. TrueNorth does such an amazing job focusing on their employees growth and success it allows for us to stress less and lean on others for support. This was really important for me because I worry a lot about at what point am I successful. The people at TrueNorth have helped me recognize where I am right now is a marker of success and continuously growing and learning is the true definition of being successful."
Real Interns, Real Experiences
"One of the biggest takeaways that I have had from this internship is that it is okay to ask questions. Coming into my first internship, I was nervous about intimidation because I have never really had a "professional" job in a real office like this. I learned very quickly that I can ask questions and that people are always there to help. Another takeaway I had from this internship is to always try to go the extra mile to meet others. I think building connections is very important, and my time at TrueNorth has really helped me understand this."

Resources & Opportunities:

In addition to your formal internship responsibilities, you'll meet people and learn about work outside of your department, engaging in opportunities like:

  • Leadership skills training
  • Executive exposure
  • Values training
  • Client visits
  • Professional development
  • Volunteer opportunities
  • Team projects
  • and much more!

Compensation Package:

  • Competitive hourly rate
  • 16 hours (2 days) PTO (paid time off)
  • 8 hours (1 day) VTO (volunteer time off)
  • 16 Hours (2 days) holiday pay

Coolest Places to Work | Corridor Business Journal (CBJ)

TrueNorth Companies is proud and humbled to be featured among the CBJ’s ‘Coolest Places to Work’ for the sixth year alongside some truly incredible organizations in Eastern Iowa.

Top WorkPlaces USA & Iowa | Energage & Des Moines Register

For the third year in a row, TrueNorth colleagues have named us a Top Workplace in the state of Iowa - and in the nation! This year, TrueNorth ranked 21st among Iowa's midsize businesses based solely on colleague participation and feedback.

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