TrueNorth Legacy Foundation

In 2021, we began the journey of establishing our TrueNorth Legacy Foundation. 

This private foundation furthers our commitment to communities, honors the philanthropic legacy of our founders, and encourages us as colleagues to perpetuate that legacy for years to come. We take great pride in ensuring grants will be provided to those causes within TrueNorth colleague involvement and investment. This assures us that TrueNorth invests in the industries and causes that our colleagues are most connected to and passionate about.

Our Six Pillars of Impact

Emergency Preparedness & Response Vibrant Communities
Children & Education Entrepreneurship & Innovation
Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Health & Wellness

Meet the Legacy Foundation's Board of Directors.

Establishing a foundation offers organizations like ours a long-term investment strategy to assist with advancing philanthropic goals and fulfilling grants for larger capital-style campaigns within our thriving communities. These TrueNorth colleagues have been appointed by the organization to further the Foundation's mission. 

Matt Evans (President)

Loren Coppock

Duane Smith

Kevin Welu (Treasurer)

Aaron Ellsworth

Jason Smith

Amy Sauter (Secretary)

Mallory Mohwinkle

Chad Thurm

The Founders Fund

The Founders Fund Award is an internal colleague award facilitated by TrueNorth's Legacy Foundation with a goal to recognize a TrueNorth colleague for their community engagement, involvement, and ability to fuel colleague-led community initiatives. In addition to recognizing a colleague for their individual efforts, this award reinforces a culture of volunteerism and community involvement as part of One TrueNorth's "Community" pillar. TrueNorth colleagues are encouraged to apply via our website and will be reviewed and validated by the TrueNorth Legacy Foundation Board of Directors. 

How it works: 

  • Colleagues can nominate themselves or someone else for outstanding community service.
  • Nonprofit of choice must meet the criteria of the Legacy Foundation's Six Pillars of Impact. 
  • Current use of VTO is not required, but is taken into consideration.


The award recipient will receive: 

  • Recognition for their involvement
  • $10k and promotion of the mission of the cause of their choice
  • 20 hours of additional VTO

  Colleague Nomination Form  

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