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posted by TrueNorth Companies on Tuesday, June 6, 2017

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Experience What Makes Us Different...

Whether it's our commitment to culture, the guidance we provide during your onboarding process or having a casual lunch with our executive team - you are sure to hear about and truly feel the difference of our TrueNorth culture from the very beginning.  Our culture is an on-going testament to an ever-growing group of dedicated professionals with a vast wealth of expertise.  These individuals are passionate about offering the best possible services for our clients. This means working together to support the people we partner with for a mutually successful and secure future. As TrueNorth continues to evolve, we look to find talent that will provide our clients an advantage that far exceeds the expected. This video was created to provide you with a quick glimpse at our culture: 

TrueNorth's Legacy Values

Leading Innovation

When we live out the values listed below to the best of our abilities, we are collectively inclined to embrace innovation and lead change within our industry.

Effective Communication

Effective communication is key to success at TrueNorth. To do this well, one must practice active listening in order to fully understand others’ perspectives, navigate differing communication styles, and effectively relay the “why” and context within any given situation.

Genuine Relationships

At TrueNorth, relationships are what’s for sale. In order to form meaningful and lasting relationships, we must build trust with those around us by showing respect, integrity and authenticity. Once friendships are formed, we can celebrate the bond. 

Achieving Excellence

Excellence is the result of a lot of small things done well. When we fully commit to this value, we naturally raise the standard of excellence within our environment and together, set the tone for a brighter, more productive future. We start with the “end in mind,” to ensure outstanding preparation, show discipline and hard word, and strive to deliver quality results.

Client Experience

When it comes to client engagement, each contribution – big or small – has an exponential effect on TrueNorth’s ability to build trust and create a client experience that delivers far beyond the expected.  We strive for this outcome daily by anticipating client needs, interacting in an engaged and empathetic manner, and performing random acts of kindness when least expected.

You Create the Win-Win

YOU as an individual are the foundation of everything we do here TrueNorth. Your mindset, contribution, and interactions allow us to create win-win scenarios. During this workshop, the LEGACY series is introduced as a journey toward shaping their personal and professional legacy. By collectively pursuing our individual legacies, we will build, maximize and solidify TrueNorth’s reputation and identity for clients and within the communities in which we live and work. 

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TrueNorth is the largest insurance and financial services firm of its kind based in Eastern Iowa. Today, our dedicated staff consists of over 350 colleagues and is organized so each becomes a specialist in their respective practice areas. This collaboration offers our clients a coordinated approach to risk management, insurance services and financial strategies. 

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