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TrueNorth Home Office: A Virtual Tour

posted by TrueNorth Companies on Friday, February 10, 2017

Explore TrueNorth's Home Office

TrueNorth Home Office InteriorFirst, A Little History...

TrueNorth Companies began in 2001 when Davis Jones Lamb Insurance, Insurance Service Corporation, and Verhille & Associates came together. This merger created the largest financial services firm of its kind in Eastern Iowa. TrueNorth is headquartered in Cedar Rapids, Iowa and has since expanded to include other locations across the United States.  Visit our About Us section for a list of current TrueNorth offices.

Prior to Cedar Rapids' historic flood of 2008, TrueNorth's current site was home to the Cedar Rapids Public Library. Since its renovation, TrueNorth has grown to become a contemporary landmark in historic Downtown Cedar Rapids. 

Our Building Guide: 

  • For flood mitigation purposes, TrueNorth has repurposed a large area of space on the main floor as a solution for employee parking. The garage area formerly housed a large majority of the Cedar Rapids Library's books. 
  • The Learning Center, located on the first floor, is used for company meetings and engagements. The room holds 250 mingling people.
  • Fun fact: the fish tank at the top of the second floor was brought over from TrueNorth's previous location.  The former site's signage is also proudly displayed in the facility's indoor garage. 
  • TrueNorth's meeting spaces include the Learning Center, 8 Design Centers, collaboration spaces and our board room.  These spaces are equipped with technology to promote employee engagement and encourage innovation. 
  • The open patio at the front of the building is accessible to employees and makes a great place to watch fireworks in the summer.
  • TrueNorth's Compass Cafe was designed to offer employees a chance to get away from the "office" and enjoy a relaxed, home-like atmosphere.
  • In April of 2016, TrueNorth bought the former Intermec building located directly behind TrueNorth at 550 Second St. SE.  Two floors of the building have been converted into parking and the top two floors will be used as office space for future growth and expansion of our home office.

Your Insurance and Financial Solutions - Under One Roof: 

Our TrueNorth team is well-represented within these four walls.  TrueNorth's divisions consist of Transportation, Risk Management, Employee Benefits and Financial Services. These divisions collaborate on a daily basis to provide tailored, comprehensive, affordable insurance that safeguards your most important treasures-your personal peace of mind.  Our company also strives to serve the community by hosting philanthropic events and sponsoring nonprofits throughout the year.  Visit our About Us page to here learn more about our client services and explore career opportunities with TrueNorth!

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TrueNorth is the largest insurance and financial services firm of its kind based in Eastern Iowa. Today, our dedicated staff consists of over 350 colleagues and is organized so each becomes a specialist in their respective practice areas. This collaboration offers our clients a coordinated approach to risk management, insurance services and financial strategies. 

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