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Charitable Giving: Clothe A Child

posted by TrueNorth Companies on Friday, October 06, 2017


During the month of October, TrueNorth is proud to sponsor Clothe-A-Child. We have some exciting things in store for the month and it all benefits this great organization. We invite you to follow along as we share our efforts with you!

About Clothe-A-Child

Clothe-A-Child (CAC) is an independent, not-for-profit organization started by the Marion Masonic Lodge No.6, to provide new clothing to area kids in need. CAC has outgrown the ability of local Masons to finance the program, which is why TrueNorth staff is happy to raise funds on their behalf. Children are nominated by area school counselors and the organization will provide each child with about $200 in clothes and shoes/boots.  

How TrueNorth Plans to Help

  • TrueNorth will start our fundraising efforts by hosting a building-wide bake sale during the second week of October, hosted by our Employee Benefits team.
  • Our Casual for a Cause Committee will also be distributing a Halloween puzzle pack!  For a $5 donation, TrueNorth employees will be challenged to complete a puzzle and submit it for a chance to win a prize!
  • This year, we'll also be raising funds by hosting a building-wide coloring contest. For $3, TrueNorth employees are encouraged to put their creativity to the test and compete amongst each other in a coloring contest - don't worry, we'll post the winner's picture on social media!
  • As always, you can count on seeing the TrueNorth team sporting denim the last Wednesday in October, as the office will be partaking in our "Casual for a Cause" day to help support Clothe-A-Child.

How You Can Help:

  • Shop: show up at Lindale Mall and be a personal shopper for a needy child.
  • Donate: Your tax-deductable donation can be made by sending a check or logging on and selecting the donation page. We can also accept a donation via credit card the morning of the event. 

To find out more about Clothe-A-Child, visit the Clothe-A-Child Facebook page

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