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Charitable Giving: Pacesetter Youth Camp

posted by on Friday, June 26, 2015

Charitable Giving: Pacesetter Youth Camp

This week, TrueNorth has been keeping close tabs on a group of adolescent entrepreneurs with a dedicated spirit and a strong will to improve the lives of others throughout the Eastern Iowa Community: The Pacesetter Youth Camp. 

The Pacesetter Youth Camp is affiliated with United Way of East Central Iowa and is comprised of a handful of middle-schoolers ages 10 - 14.  Led by strong community advocates and leaders (including TrueNorth's VP of Human Resources), Pacesetters aspire to expose needs in the community and teach the next generation how to invest.  Pacesetter leaders have reached out on behalf of the campers to create opportunities to network, cultivate lasting friendships, and develop strong leadership skills. Below, we've provided a glimpse of their week. Their schedule included the following volunteer organizations: 

Monday, June 22nd: 

Tuesday, June 23rd: 

Wednesday, June 24th: 

Yesterday afternoon, the group graduated from the nearly week-long Pacesetter Youth Camp.  The camp culminates in having students decide how to best invest their camping dues back into the local community. To find out more about United Way's Pacesetter Youth Camp, visit their Facebook page or contact Pacesetter co-founder and TrueNorth's Vice President of Human Resources, Patti Seda

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