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Mental Health Awareness

posted by TrueNorth Employee Benefits on Monday, November 9, 2020

Mental Health Awareness

Mental health impacts every corner of life, including our workplaces. 

We’ve partnered with licensed experts at Covenant Family Solutions to bring you ways on how you can identify mental illness in your workplace, and what you can do to support your employees. 
1 in 5 adults are living with mental illness – which means that 20% of your workforce could be struggling with mental health.  The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that 35-45% of missed days are due to mental illness. Mental illness costs impact both the employee and employer. The cost to an employee could include the loss of their job, along with new challenges that could worsen their depression. The cost to the company includes termination costs, hiring and training new employees, unemployment, and impact on overall company morale. 
Good mental health = good business! 
The good news is that when you invest in the mental health of your employees, you’ll see a return. For every $1 spent on scaled up treatment, you’ll save $4! 
Here are some easy ways you can start to make an impact in your organization: 
  • Increase awareness
    • Share information about the prevalence of mental health 
    • Provide resources to know what services are available 
    • Provide in-service events for employees
  • Promote wellness
    • Share EAP info – share it often! 
    • Support staff in work-life balance
    • Provide flexibility 
    • Offer on-site screening tools 
  • Talk openly & be direct!
    • Treat mental illness like any other health issue 
    • Encourage employees 
    • Create a positive and trusting culture 
  • Train managers
    • How to approach & talk to employees
    • Support struggling employees
    • Help employees feel heard and validated 
    • Know the signs! 
Common signs of mental health issues / things managers can look for: 
  • Change in mood 
  • Increased negativity 
  • Uncooperative behavior 
  • Relationship distress 
  • Poor judgement
  • Lowe morale
  • Increased fatigue
If you need to address this in your organization, here are 3 tips to talk with a struggling employee
  1. Check in
  2. Listen
  3. Support

If you’re interested in learning what else you can do to support mental health in your office, reach out to us for access to resources through Covenant Family Solutions today.

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