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Total Rewards

posted by TrueNorth Employee Benefits on Tuesday, January 31, 2023

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The struggle to attract and retain employees is realized each day in decreased production, engagement, and revenue.

Do employees really understand their total compensation?

One factor is the true understanding of the total compensation an employee receives through your benefit program.

Today, with more than 30% of a typical pay package in the form of non-cash compensation, it's important to help your employees fully understand and leverage their total comp.

How can total compensation be effectively communicated when recruiting?

TrueNorth provides TotalRewards Software to empower companies to communicate the true value of total compensation to their employees, new hires, and candidates.

With support from TrueNorth, you'll be better positioned to:

  • Educate employees on the value of their benefits and their total compensation
  • Create excitement and interest with pre-release email campaigns
  • Present statements to employees in either electronic or print formats
  • Provide HR Executive reports on compensation and benefits
  • Strategize for future enhancements to your programs

Let's work together!

Let us show you a better way to promote the investments you make in your employees and your organization. 

Want to download a sample Total Rewards Statement? 

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