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Tuesday Morning with Justin Ft. Dr. Tim Sagers

posted by TrueNorth Employee Benefits on Friday, April 30, 2021



When doctors prescribe specialty drugs, cost is not always part of the conversation, and patients are likely to fill their prescription without asking questions. While there are tools to help doctors avoid adverse drug interactions, there are not many patient tools that outline prescription costs or alternatives. Furthermore, it’s difficult for a doctor to assess, organize and correlate information as efficiently as a computer could – and while doctors are expected to do this every day, it can be difficult to retain and utilize all the data at their disposal.


According to Dr. Tim Sagers, MD and Mercy Care Medical Director, the COVID-19 pandemic has acted as a transitional point for healthcare in the United States. Specifically, the adoption of telehealth medicine as a widely-respected method for doctors to treat and diagnose patients. 

Innovation like this within the healthcare industry has grown exponentially. Artificial intelligence (AI) can also have multiple benefits, like more accurate diagnoses after running tests and scans. Wearable technology can also provide doctors with insight into the patient’s everyday health, which can especially benefit patients with underlying health conditions, like diabetes or high blood pressure.  ​


Dr. Sagers is a Family/General practitioner at Mercy Hospital in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. His areas of interest include adolescent medicine, asthma, diabetes, pediatrics, sports medicine and women’s health. Contact Dr. Sagers to learn more about his innovative approach to healthcare.

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