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Tuesday Morning with Justin Ft. Liddy Romero

posted by TrueNorth Employee Benefits on Wednesday, April 7, 2021



Within self-funded companies, the COVID-19 pandemic has been pivotal in the way employers think about their workers. This past year has seen managers being overwhelmed and people coming to work with an array of unprecedented workplace health concerns and issues.

Frontline workers are also now one of the largest and most expansive sectors of workers in America. Currently considered the backbone of our country and essential to our pandemic response, many of these individuals are left with “more month than money,” meaning the time between paychecks exceeds their financial means. This in turn, can affect their productivity, health and overall wellbeing each month.  


Benefits plans are intended to improve the bottom line, but also to enhance quality of life for employees. According to Liddy Romero, CEO and founder of WorkLife Partnership, self-funded employers are on the frontier and thinking of above and beyond the traditional benefits system. 

WorkLife Partnership is a non-profit 501(c)(3) that provides wraparound support to primarily frontline workers. Employers purchase them as a unique benefit and embed them into their employee benefits package. In turn, WorkLife Partnership provides a resource navigator to help those who are having challenges maintaining their work, providing resources and services to help them get over their challenge. 


Contact Liddy Romero to learn more about partnering with WorkLife Partnership.

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Justin Futrell, TrueNorth Benefits Advisor

We live in an era where organizations of all sizes are expected to do more with less. Business owners and decision-makers face the daunting talk of balancing financial goals and aspirations against the cost of supporting a healthy and productive workforce.

"Tuesday Mornings with Justin" intends to showcase effective ways that organizations can leverage innovation, technology, and teamwork to grow their business and optimize their workforce.

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