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Healthcare Reinvented for Drivers with the I3 Platform

posted by TrueNorth Events on Thursday, May 11, 2023

Healthcare Reinvented for Drivers with the I3 Platform

Although the costs of care have only risen 5.5% annually over the last 20 years, health insurance has risen 11% year over year. The I3 platform integrates aspects of wellness data – health, wealth and safety – to provide Motor Carriers real intervention and cost savings.

During our webinar, we discussed…

  • The power in the data – having complete data integration including medical plan, workers comp, wellness plan, EAP and virtual care will drive better outcomes.
  • Care path continuance – you can help proactively make your driver population healthier & decrease your total cost of risk.
  • 24/7 advocacy access through the portal or mobile app – we know how busy life on the road is, we have made visits simple with virtual capabilities wherever a driver is located.

The I3 platform is based on innovation that provides greater integration, physician led intervention, and provides one of the best ways to truly impact the health of your driver population.

Click below to view the webinar recording!

  Click to view the webinar recording  

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