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Social Media & Employment Law

posted by TrueNorth Events on Friday, October 16, 2020

Do you find yourself struggling with how to handle personal social media posts made by your employees? Do you worry that employee social media or other "off duty" conduct creates a risk of reputational harm, or violates company policies?

In these uncertain times that we know as 2020, many individuals are taking to social media to express their thoughts, feelings and frustrations. Before responding, employers should take a moment to consider the critical legal implications that arise from employee activity on social media.

During this webinar, partners from Shuttleworth & Ingersoll discussed:

  • Employee rights and employer responsibilities regarding off duty conduct
  • Strategies for how to respond to and address employee conduct that occurs outside of the workplace, including social media posts
  • Maintaining a respectful (and harassment, and discrimination free) workplace in light of all the challenges 2020 has brought us


Click the link below to view the recording!

  Click here to view the recording