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posted by TrueNorth Events on Wednesday, July 27, 2022

Outsourcing In-Cab Event Recorder Data Management & Driver Coaching

Best Practices You Can Implement Today

The True ROI on In-cab technologies is not the device itself, but what you do with the data. In-cab event recorders can have a significant impact on driver behaviors, but only if you are managing the data & coaching the data.

Benefits include: Less claims, Reduced litigation, Lower cost of risk, Reduced driver turnover, Controlled CSA scores & Keeping your team SAFE!

During the webinar, Safety & Loss Control Specialist from TrueNorth discussed:

  • Best practices/solutions to implement technology within your fleet
  • Collecting and managing the data
  • Identifying risky behaviior and coach it from your fleet

Click below to view the recording.

  Click to view the recording