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TrueNorth Universtiy: COVID Hangover in 2021

posted by TrueNorth Events on Friday, December 18, 2020

All employers have felt some impact of COVID during 2020. Employees of the company and or business operations have felt the impact in at least some capacity. With the latest numbers showing a spike in infections - what does this mean today for employers managing a health plan and what will be the impact in 2021?

In partnership with TOIC, a healthcare analytics expert, we reviewed the cost impact we have seen in 2020 and any underlying stresses on health plans, as well as the broader healthcare ecosystem, and examined what they may mean to you as an employer. We also explored how healthcare analytics is playing a very practical and strategic role in optimizing your healthcare dollars and bringing the most value to employees and employers alike.

Click the link below to view the recording of the presentation.

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