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Workplace Violence Webinar

posted by TrueNorth Events on Thursday, January 25, 2024

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Where can you go to curse, threaten or assault people with little to no consequences? Hospitals.

Violent events are occurring in hospitals on a daily basis. This directly impacts staff, patient satisfaction surveys, and the ability to provide exceptional care. Addressing the issue of workplace violence requires a comprehensive approach that includes training programs and efforts to address the underlying stressors and mental health challenges.

Workplace violence requires de-escalation training. SolutionPoint+ training programs provide a better understanding of human behavior, describing what a crisis is, how we can manage them, and what is happening in us and through us when we encounter one.

A crisis is almost never one-sided. SolutionPoint+ training programs provide an introspective approach to educate leadership and frontline colleagues on how they play a role in causing situations to escalate. They are then given the skills to safely & effectively de-escalate a situation with the goal of achieving a positive outcome.

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