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Storm Questions to Ask Your Adjuster

posted by TrueNorth Companies on Thursday, August 27, 2020

Questions to Ask Your Insurance Adjuster

Now that you have filed a claim, you will be working with an insurance adjuster to assess the damage, determine applicable coverage, and the adjuster will provide estimates on costs to repair. The following is a partial list of areas you may want to discuss with the adjuster:


Keep track of any time and expense incurred by you to mitigate or repair damage, and ask your adjuster if this would be reimbursed under your policy.


Given the availability of contractors and materials, keep track of your efforts to mitigate losses. Beyond time and materials to do your own repairs - temporary or permanent - keep track of who you called and when, documenting the efforts expended to help limit losses from property damage.


Certain coverages are capped under your insurance policy, but amounts over the cap may be applied to your deductible. Be sure to include all of the losses your incur, and ask your adjuster if the amount beyond the coverage limit will be applied to your deductible.


If power was lost due to an insurable event - such as the recent wind storm - many policies include coverage for food spoilage. If you lost power more than once, but it was all related to a single insurable event, most carriers will treat it as a single continuous event - and a single claim - for insurance purposes.


Not all damage is immediately apparent - such as insulation or vent damage resulting from wind or roof damage. Ask your adjuster how they will handle supplemental claims, should additional damage be found during the repair process?

Point out or ask about damages you have identified - the adjuster is looking for damage but you may spot something they may miss. These are just a few areas for consideration. Insurance adjusters are professionals, trained to identify damage and estimate the cost to repair, in accordance with the terms of your insurance policy. The more you engage in an open dialog with the adjuster, the better - and if you have nay questions, please contact us at TrueNorth.

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