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Meet the TrueNorth 2015 Interns

Real Interns, Real Answers

We sat down to talk with the 2015 TrueNorth interns.  Read their commentary on TrueNorth and what they value about their experience at our corporate office in Cedar Rapids. 

Collin McNamara | Transportation Claims Intern

What is your favorite part about this job?

"My favorite part about the job so far is working with everyone in the office. Everyone at TrueNorth is ready and willing to help out whenever needed and that makes coming into a new workplace so much more exciting."

What new skill have you developed while working at TrueNorth?

"During my time here, I have learned to be more organized. There can be multiple things going on at a given time and it is important to have an organized layout of what needs to be done."

What do you think it takes to be successful at TrueNorth?

"I think being willing to work outside your comfort zone is very important considering the growth TrueNorth is continuing to see company-wide."

Carly Schmidt | Risk Management Intern

Why did you choose TrueNorth?

"I chose TrueNorth because of their endless opportunities. They are a growing company with many different locations which creates a lot of room for advancement. Also, the culture made a huge impact on my decision. When you walk into TrueNorth, you feel the positive atmosphere from everyone - it really made me excited to come to work every day."

What is your favorite part about the job? 

I got the chance to job shadow all of the different departments at TrueNorth. They gave me the opportunity to see what I am interested in and where I would like to start my career. TrueNorth also has allowed me to participate in a variety of meetings, which gave me a better understanding of how the entire organization works.

What makes TrueNorth a great place to work? 

Everyone at TrueNorth is super friendly and willing to help anyone. Also, the work assigned to you is adding actual value to the company, which is a rewarding feeling for an intern. 

We welcome you to find out more about internship opportunities at TrueNorth here

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