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Introducing the Community Advantage Consortium

Community Advantage Consortium

A new perspective.

We asked ourselves, "what if?"

  • What if we could develop a solution to funding employer-offered healthcare that reduced the cost of coverage while increasing quality of care? 
  • What if we could get employers closer to the table with care providers so they could offer insight into what matters to their business and their workforce?
  • What if we could strengthen the relationship between employers and employees via the employer's healthcare offerings? 
  • What if we could foster healthier lifestyles and better-educated consumers within an employer's population of employees and their loved ones? 
  • What if we could increase access to patient care and enhance the caliber of care for employees and their loved ones?

After years of envisioning, debating, negotiating and overcoming obstacles, we know now that we can. 

In 2022, TrueNorth launched The Community Advantage Consortium in partnership with Captive Health and Captive Paradigm Group. This consortium is the first of its kind in the Midwest, as it brings like-minded employers together to collaboratively solve the healthcare riddle alongside thought leaders in the insurance, medical, wellness, technology, communication and employee advocacy fields. 

"The Community Advantage Consortium intends to bridge a longstanding gap between employers and medical care providers. In addition to health care collaborations, the consortium provides a forum for growth-minded employers to discuss emerging trends and share innovative colleague-centric strategies."

- Dr. Tim Sagers, President, Captive Health


  • A more transparent and involved means for participating employers to build and finance healthcare programs. 
  • An advanced technology platform that connects users to medical providers and creates efficient access points to round-the-clock national care, empowering users to make informed selections based on quality, cost and access. 
  • Progressive business intelligence capabilities generate integrated data that employers can leverage to improve outcomes, reduce costs, and gain heightened awareness to employee health, wellness and safety improvement opportunities. 
  • Established collaboration between participating employers and partnering thought leaders designed to foster collective awareness around innovative strategies and solutions for future consideration. 

Launching the Community Advantage Consortium among businesses in the Eastern Iowa Corridor is just the beginning. TrueNorth intends to replicate the program's success in other areas and industries. 

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