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When searching for a partner to protect and maximize your business, it’s important to have a relationship and a resource who understands the nuances of each challenge and opportunity you face. Our client’s trust in TrueNorth spans many industries and we continue to expand our reach, investing in talent and resources to meet industry demands and fulfill your business needs.

Impact Story


In search of coverage options to offer their network of independent contractor (IC) drivers, Vorto, Inc. elected to leverage TrueNorth's integrated technology platform, TNTruck. While Vorto's industry-leading tech provides a competitive edge to its shippers and carriers, integrating TNTruck would allow them to streamline IC onboarding and facilitate insurance program procurement. 


TrueNorth's TNTruck platform is designed to transform how transportation companies onboard ICs and facilitate enrollment of insurance and non-insurance products, a process that is complex, demands accuracy and is unique to each motor carrier.

In a matter of weeks, TrueNorth launched Vorto's custom portal, empowering ICs to manage coverage in real-time and augmenting Vorto's existing suite of programs and services. While IC count changes from day to day, TrueNorth's fully integrated technology enables the automation of IC insurance procurement, termination, and reconciliation, ensuring enrollment and billing accuracy. Through this process, TrueNorth was able to identify and reconcile historical data, yielding substantial savings.

With even more integration in the queue for 2023, Vorto will soon unveil automated deployment of their IC Operating Agreement, enrollment processes for all facilitated non-insurance programs (e.g., third-party tax and accounting services) and settlement deduction processes for all IC insurance and non-insurance programs. 

"Working with TrueNorth has streamlined our team's efficiencies and bolstered our ability to extend the beneficiaries of our transformational automation technology beyond our shippers and carriers but also to independent contractors. Integrating our industry-leading technology with TNTruck has seamlessly improved our internal efficiencies and has enriched the client experience for indpendent contractors that rely on the Vorto platform to do business." 

-Troy Lee, General Counsel, Vorto, LLC


Want to see how TNTruck could work for your motor carrier? Reach out today to get started!

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