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TN Truck Thought is a monthly podcast featuring some of the brightest minds in trucking. Our carefully selected panel of industry experts get to the bottom of the most challenging and controversial issues facing the industry today.

In each episode, we take a deep dive into all things trucking, including what's new in government and research, as well as practical and theoretical discussions on issues like the rise of nuclear verdicts, how to overcome this crazy supply chain or the driver shortage. We cap each episode with a quick 10 minute segment on hot topics, offering a fresh take on the month's biggest news stories.

The TN Truck Thought podcast is hosted by Sean Garney of Scopelitis Transportation Consulting and produced by TrueNorth Companies.

Listen to our debut episode on safety and compliance in the trucking industry.

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Welcome to the very first episode for TN Truck Thought podcast! In this episode, we cover the topic of safety vs. compliance in the trucking industry. Industry experts featured in this discussion:

  • Bill Zenk, Transportation Principal & Practice Leader at TrueNorth
  • Bert Mayo, VP of Risk Solutions at TrueNorth
  • Steve Keppler, Co-Director at Scopelitis Transportation Consulting
  • Host, Sean Garney, Co-Director at Scopelitis Transportation Consulting

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