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TN Truck Thought Podcast Episode 14

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What you may have missed in ATRI’s Trucking Industry Critical Issues Report

The American Trucking Research Institute (ATRI) releases an annual report on critical issues in the trucking industry. This report is based on a survey from industry practitioners to determine the most important issues they face. At the American Trucking Associations Management Conference and Exhibition event, the top five issues in this year’s report were released:

  • The economy
  • Truck Parking
  • Fuel Prices
  • Driver Shortage
  • Driver Compensation

As years go by, more and more stakeholders have been invited to provide their opinions. Over 4,000 stakeholders participated in this years survey, with 47% of stakeholders representing motor carriers, 29% were drivers, and 23% represented law enforcement and industry suppliers.

Industry specialists featured in this discussion:

  • Host, Sean Garney, Co-Director at Scopelitis Transportation Consulting
  • Co-Host, Steve Keppler, Co-Director at Scopelities Transportation Consulting
  • Guest, Bert Mayo, Vice President of Risk Solutions at TrueNorth Companies

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About the TN Truck Thought Podcast​

The TN Truck Thought podcast keeps transportation leaders of today and tomorrow in-the-know on the hottest industry trends. Our specialists get to the bottom of challenging, and sometimes controversial, transportation topics to offer insight and predictions.

The TN Truck Thought podcast is hosted by Sean Garney of Scopelitis Transportation Consulting and produced by TrueNorth Companies.

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