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TN Truck Thought Podcast Episode 9

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Dashcameras are a hot topic in the industry and can feel intimidating for motor carriers. This episode covers:

  1. Avoiding analysis paralysis when implementing a dashcam program.
  2. How to use data without feeling overwhelmed.
  3. Liability considerations you might not be thinking about.

Industry specialists featured in this discussion:

  • Host, Sean Garney, Co-Director at Scopelitis Transportation Consulting
  • Co-Host Steve Keppler, Co-Director at Scopelitis Transportation Consulting
  • Guest John Bilbis, Senior Safety & Loss Control Specialist at TrueNorth Companies
  • Guest, Steve Stanaszak, Partner at Scopelitis, Garvin, Light, Hanson & Feary, P.C.

About the TN Truck Thought Podcast​

The TN Truck Thought podcast keeps transportation leaders of today and tomorrow in-the-know on the hottest industry trends. Our specialists get to the bottom of challenging, and sometimes controversial, transportation topics to offer insight and predictions.

The TN Truck Thought podcast is hosted by Sean Garney of Scopelitis Transportation Consulting and produced by TrueNorth Companies.

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