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TrueNorth's Casual for a Cause

posted by TrueNorth Companies on Friday, March 31, 2017

TrueNorth is founded on a passion for the community where our employees live, conduct business, and raise our families.

That passion has become the cornerstone of our company - both from a business standpoint and as an employer. We are proud to be involved in communities across the country from a financial standpoint and also as a volunteer. That is why every year, TrueNorth's Casual for a Cause team organizes an array of fundraising activities for the TrueNorth team that range from themed bake sales and cooking contests to kickball tournaments, coloring contests, and airplane throwing competitions

Here are a few of TrueNorth's Casual for a Cause accomplishments over the past 3 years: 

TrueNorth's core values

  1. Commitment to Excellence. At TrueNorth, we believe that time and effort are necessary to achieve excellence. Our staff is dedicated to ensuring a quality client experience for all parties involved.?
  2. Inspire Innovation. Visionary and entrepreneurial are two adjectives often used to describe how we go about solving critical business issues. We constantly aspire to learn and develop our business in order to maintain our relationships and achieve success.
  3. Fostering Relationships. In the insurance industry, trust is paramount. We understand this facet is critical to building strong relationships.  We also seek opportunities to celebrate, recognizing good things as they happen. 
  4. Client Experience. We're committed to providing proactive service and looking for opportunities to 'wow' others on a daily basis.
  5. Quality Communication. We are strong believers of open and effective communication because we know that when everyone receives the same information, they will most likely come to the same conclusions.
  6. Win-Win. We'll seek first to understand and lean on cooperation and teamwork to do so.  Positive outcomes for everyone is the name of the game.

We're looking for ways to give back

If you are a non-profit or have a charitable cause close to your heart, we encourage you to contact our charitable cause committee. At TrueNorth, we feel strongly about giving back to the community and would be happy to look into ways we can further and contribute to  the cause. 

Contact us here or call our home office at 1-800-798-4080

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