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TrueNorth Unveils Artwork in Learning Center

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Last week, TrueNorth's CEO Duane Smith presented at the unveiling of TrueNorth's Learning Center new artwork.  The overall goal of this year-long project was two-fold: first, to enhance the sound quality in the space by installing a series of wall acoustical panals, but secondly, realizing the variety of audiences that frequent the Learning Center, we designed the panels in a way that commemorated TrueNorth's impressive history, culture, and growth. 

The unveling gave TrueNorth team members the opportunity to walk the room's perimeter, reading the panels that span over 500 square feet of the Learning Center space.  Each panel contributes to TrueNorth's impressive narrative in ways that represent the company's history and advancements over the years.  

These panels also speak to the strong relationships we've fostered with clients and community members throughout the country. There are many other stories woven into ours, and we are proud to have built an organization that benefits so many.  A huge thanks to LA Ink for their diligent work on the project, and to all of you for being a part of our history and culture. We are very grateful and humbled to work with you.   

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