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Andjela Calasan Recognized by Waypoint Services

Last month, Andjela Calasan, Producer Coordinator in TrueNorth Risk Management's Construction Specialty Group, was recognized among the honorees in Waypoint Services' 39th Annual Tribute to Women of Achievement! 

According to the Waypoint Services website, each year, Waypoint upholds the rich tradition of recognizing women for their personal, professional, and civic contributions to the community through Tribute to Women of Achievement. Reflecting Waypoint's mission of inspiring people to move forward, the women recognized are agents of change in the Corridor through their innovations, organizational enhancements, leadership, and service to others. Their efforts demonstrate the positive influence and impact women have in our community every day. To date, over 1500 women have been recognized for their achievements.

About Andjela Calasan

Andjela was recognized for her achievements in personal life, a category that focuses on and recognizes women who have demonstrated accomplishments and overcome obstacles that have significantly enhanced their personal life or their ability to serve others. 

Andjela moved to the United States from Serbia at age 17 without knowing anyone and speaking very little English. Once settled in the U.S., she taught herself soccer in order to earn a college scholarship to pursue higher education. During her time in college, Andjela held five different jobs to make ends meet. Andjela secured an internship with TrueNorth Companies in her final year of college supporting marketing and sales, which led to her current role as producer coordinator in TrueNorth's Risk Management division within the Construction Specialty Group. In this role, Andjela has worked to develop and establish a new specialty in Tanks and Towers among the Construction team has made a name for herself within the industry and TrueNorth's industry capabilities on a national scale.

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Watch Waypoint's 39th Annual Tribute to Women of Achievement 

Watch the Facebook event recording and Waypoint's tribute to 30 amazing women who have made an impact on our community and throughout Eastern Iowa. Andjela's recognition and acceptance speech occur approximately 35 minutes into the program.

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