Are you confident in your Cyber Resiliency?

A daunting emerging risk facing the business community today centers on people’s use of technology and data.



Cyber resiliency, data security, colleague education & awareness. These issues are at the core of our rapidly advancing Digital Risk Solutions.  


Every business has important information that involves some level of sensitivity. Stop and think for a moment: “Are we confident in our Cyber Resiliency? Is our Data backed up consistently and secure from a breach? Are our colleagues aware of the major threats to our business and doing their part to protect the organization? Are we carrying the right insurance limits? How does that limit compare to our peer group?”


The evolving workforce has presented many blessings to employers, as well as workers.  It has also resulted in an added complexity for organizations compounding Cyber and Data exposures.


  1. Cyber Resiliency and Data Security assessments led by our on-staff Certified Ethical Hacker.
  2. Identification of weak spots within your workforce and supporting education & awareness efforts. 
  3. Coordination with and oversight of Cyber Security service organizations.
  4. Assistance with the development and ongoing management of your Cyber Risk Management Plan
  5. Cyber Insurance Program architecture, based on industry-specific coverage benchmarking and account management.
  6. Claims Advocacy and Mitigation Support.


There are two constants in business: people and technology. As technology evolves, and data utilization and storage expand, we are here to assist you in navigating this complex & challenging risk set.

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