TrueNorth Transportation Announces Launch of SYiNERGY

posted by TrueNorth Companies on Thursday, March 3, 2016

TrueNorth Transportation Launches SYiNERGY

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TrueNorth Transportation Announces Launch of SYiNERGY

(CEDAR RAPIDS, IOWA, FEBRUARY 2016) - TrueNorth Companies Transportation Division recently announced the launch of SYiNERGY: a system based approach to align operations, finance and risk. SYiNERGY solves for the complicated yet inevitable imbalance transportation companies face between operations and risk. This customized and comprehensive service helps enterprises implement sound strategies that establish high impact internal communication models, data-driven resource deployment, improved loss and compliance performance, and enhanced driver and employee retention and development to ensure a lasting impact and return on investment. 

With SYiNERGY in place, leadership can feel confident knowing that their organization will be aligned to effectively manage the transportation industry's vast complexities: 

  1. TrueNorth Consultants: A national group of leading transportation professionals with expertise in safety, DOT compliance, recruiting and retention.
  2. iNERGY: A proprietary business intelligence tool designed to collect, measure and evaluate companies' operational and risk data through developed key performance indicators at a corporate (macro), site/division (mini-macro), and driver (micro) level.
  3. Customized Communication and Learning Management Systems (LMS): Now, transportation companies have the ability to create an identity in their Risk Management department with strategic communication and branding tied to their business intelligence and key performance indicators. 
  4. Project Management: TrueNorth understands the tools and resources SYiNERGY offers are only as good as a client's level of engagement and commitment to study data and implement change. To ease this burden, TrueNorth provides access to industry-leading project managers to facilitate and support the execution process. 

"TrueNorth's SYiNERGY is an inventive and holistic approach for transportation companies saddled with increasingly complex risk. In an environment where companies have to do more with less, SYiNERGY establishes a platform with cultural staying power, which provides your highest return on investment," said TrueNorth EVP, Jason Smith. 

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A downloadable form of the original SYiNERGY press release is available at this link.