Filing an auto claim with ease

The second that you have an automobile accident, you must spring into action to make sure the claim goes smoothly. Here's how to maneuver through this process:

  1. Get out of your car and provide assistance to anyone who is injured.
  2. Call the police or the highway patrol immediately. They can call emergency personnel for you, if needed.
  3. Protect the accident scene by setting up flares, putting up cones or moving your car off the road.
  4. Once the police arrive, give them as much information as you can concerning what occured. Do not admit fault, just give the facts. 
  5. Ask the investigating officer for a copy of the report, as you may have to submit that with your claim.
  6. Write down the names and addresses of all drivers and passengers involved in the accident. Also note the license plate number, make, model and year of each car involved. You should also note the name of the other driver'(s) insurance company and driver's license number.
  7. Write down the names and contact information for any and all witnesses to your accident.
  8. Note the names and badge numbers of the police and emergency personnel that assisted with your accident.
  9. Write down as many details as you can recall about your accident and then call TrueNorth or your insurance company directly to report your claim. When contacting us, we will let you know what forms need to be filled out to support your claim.
  10. Keep a record of all the correspondence that you have regarding your claim, including the date, name and title of the person you talked to and what was said.
  11. Keep a record of any expenses you incurred as a result of the accident. Depending on your policy, you may be entitled to reimbursement for your expenses. 
  12. Take photographs of your damaged vehicle and retain these images for use during your claim.
  13. Before making repairs to your vehicle, find out what type of parts will be used - either original manufacturer parts (OEM parts) or aftermarket parts. We need to know this information for the claims process.

As stressful as accidents can be, it is very important to maintain composure and provide as much detail as possible. At any point during your claims process, please feel free to contact TrueNorth for assistance.