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Solarwinds: The Sunburst Hack is Something to Take Seriously


We have all seen the pop-ups on our laptops or phones: "Update is available, click here to download." We are constantly urged to do as we are told because these software updates improve our apps by boosting cyber-security and removing glitches.

So, in the spring when a pop-up message hit the screens of an IT staff using a popular piece of software called SolarWinds, around 18,000 workers in companies and governments diligently downloaded the update for their offices.

What they could not have known was that the download was booby-trapped. SolarWinds itself did not know either.

We are familiar with companies who have been impacted by this attack and still, many companies continue to be targeted daily. Are you prepared if you are next? 

The spectrum of cyber risks is limitless; threats, some more serious than others, can have wide-ranging effects on the individual and their organizations. It is TrueNorth’s goal to help businesses navigate the ever-increasing threat of cyber-crime. We can provide cyber policies to make sure you are covered. Learn more about TrueNorth’s Cyber Defender and assess your cyber risk.  

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