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Charitable Giving: Can'd Aid

posted by TrueNorth Philanthropy on Thursday, November 14, 2019


Last April, TrueNorth raised funds for the Can’d Aid Foundation, a national nonprofit, people-powered organization that makes a difference from coast to coast! Here is an update on our efforts!


Firmwide, TrueNorth raised a grand total of $6,976.10 in April for the Can'd Aid Foundation.

Of that amount, TrueNorth's Colorado team (Denver and Longmont offices) raised $2,910.00. As a result, they secured hosting rights for an instrument donation that took place earlier this week at Wheeling Elementary School in Aurora, Colorado.

TrueNorth and Can'd Aid were joined by Colorado bluegrass band, Trout Steak Revival. The kids enjoyed a live demonstration and mini-concert as part of the donation ceremony. Wheeling Elementary now has 13 brand new violins for their new afterschool orchestra program. 



Can’d Aid was initially formed in response to the flooding that destroyed its hometown of Lyons in Colorado, as well as other front range communities in September 2013. Since then, Can’d Aid has continued to raise money, as much as $3.4 million, to support these “do-goodery” efforts through donating over one million cans of water to communities post-disaster, building 1,164 bicycles, donating 346 instruments and recycling the equivalent of 17.6 million cans. Can’d Aid focuses on four core programming areas: Towns, Tunes, Treads and Trails, and Love Yur Mama. With volunteer support, Can’d Aid impacts communities throughout the country by hosting art supply assemblies, trail clean-ups and bike-builds like this one:


Contribute to Can'd Aid using the link below to participate in the competition and raise money for the Can’d Aid Foundation.

  Donate Here  

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