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Charitable Giving: Kids First

posted by TrueNorth Philanthropy on Monday, August 19, 2019

During the month of August, TrueNorth will be raising funds for Kids First. They provide focused legal representation and other services to kids to give them a voice in divorce and custody conflicts.

Kids First is the only organization in Iowa focuses on lessening the negative effects of divorce and custody conflicts on children. Serving more than 1,500 children a year, their attorneys provide legal advocacy for kids whose parents are engaged in high-conflict custody battles. This allows them to have a voice in these discussions and a positive adult influence as a mentor. These make the kids more likely to be successful in school and in family and social relationships.



  • During the middle of August, TrueNorth will begin their fundraising efforts with a building-wide bake sale.
  • We will also host an email bingo, giving TrueNorth employees the chance to buy a book of games and a treat.
  • As always, you can count on seeing the TrueNorth team sporting denim the last Wednesday in August, as the office will be partaking in our "Casual for a Cause" day to help support Kids First.



Donate: Kids First provides legal support and gives kids a voice during divorce or custody conflicts.

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Get Involved: Volunteers help Kids First carry out their mission more efficiently and is grateful for the support from the community.

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