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TN Truck Thought Podcast Episode 16

posted by TrueNorth Transportation on Thursday, February 8, 2024

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What will the government bring to the trucking industry in 2024?

Bert Mayo returns to the TN Truck Thought Podcast to flip the script on Sean and Steve and get their predictions on trucking-related legislation, regulations, and related actions for 2024.

They consider the implications of an election year and the political climate, as well as other factors when making their predictions for what progress, or lack thereof, they expect to see and the impact it will have on motor carriers, drivers, and independent contractors.

Topics include:

  • Bipartisan Infrastructure Law
  • Drug and Alcohol Testing
  • Speed Limiter Rule
  • CSA
  • Safety Rating Process
  • Technology
  • Enforcement Modernization

In addition to sharing their predictions for what progress they do and don’t expect to see this year, they share what issues they would like to see prioritized moving forward.

Industry specialists featured in this discussion:

  • Host, Sean Garney, Co-Director at Scopelitis Transportation Consulting
  • Co-Host, Steve Keppler, Co-Director at Scopelities Transportation Consulting
  • Guest, Bert Mayo, Vice President of Risk Solutions at TrueNorth Companies

About the TN Truck Thought Podcast​

The TN Truck Thought podcast keeps transportation leaders of today and tomorrow in the know on the hottest industry trends. Our specialists get to the bottom of challenging, and sometimes controversial, transportation topics to offer insight and predictions.

The TN Truck Thought podcast is hosted by Sean Garney of Scopelitis Transportation Consulting and produced by TrueNorth Companies.

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