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2018 Risk Summit Recap

posted by TrueNorth Transportation on Monday, September 17, 2018

Risk Summit is a place for industry leaders to come together to hear from experts, share perspectives, network and have real conversations about the issues facing trucking. 

TrueNorth's Risk Summit was held September 13 and 14 in Nashville, Tennesee.  At the conference, TrueNorth assembled some of the most renowned and knowledgeable voices in the industry to present on topics that are rapidly changing the definition of what it means to be in the business of hauling freight in America. 

Topics covered at the Risk Summit ranged from cargo theft to technology, to executive recruiting and retention. Attendees at Risk Summit represented over-the-road trucking companies, home delivery and last mile, as well as intermodal. 

The real value of TrueNorth's Risk Summit is rooted in the relationships we've fostered among clients and industry partners. We created the event knowing that the myriad risks transportation companies face are not static, but very dynamic in nature - particularly in today's economic and global environment.  The Summit was an opportunity to promote awareness around these issues in a way that benefits our customers and gives TrueNorth an opportunity to share our strides toward creating answers and offering innovative solutions.

We're proud to say that this year's Risk Summit acted as a hub where transportation practice leaders were able to come together, share information and exchange ideas that will enhance individual company performance and improve the strength and prosperity of the industry as a whole.

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