​When searching for a partner to assist you in protecting and maximizing your business we believe it’s important to have a relationship and resource who understands the nuanced challenges and opportunities facing your business.

The fabric of TrueNorth has been built upon the intention of creating value through specialization.

We are passionate about solving problems; we also just happen to be exceptional insurance brokers. We are blessed to offer clients dozens of specialty practices and we continue to invest in building more!

Our aspiration for you, as a client of TrueNorth, is for you to have a team of extended resources on your side.

Our purpose is to Create Value.

From problem identification and solutions implementation to risk finance and risk transfer, to project management, to supporting cultural initiatives we anxiously await the opportunity to support clients WINNING.

When working with clients to service their unique needs, we collaborate with each other as experts in our respective fields, rather than trying as individuals to “be all things to all people.”

By means of specialization, TrueNorth is now better equipped to help our clients than ever before.



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