The Advantage Builder

Now more than ever, the challenges that face contractors extend far beyond the job site.

For those wanting to remain competitive in the industry, they're required to have the expertise, operations and systems to effectively mitigate many types of risk. Enter TrueNorth Construction Specialty Group - a team singularly focused on the construction industry and whose comprehensive capabilities go far beyond risk management.  Our solution, The Advantage Builder™, offers an edge and access to industry expertise. Are you ready to build for the future?



Discover TrueNorth's Four-Step Process:

Step1 - Discover
During our discovery phase, we'll meet with you and your key team members to gain an in-depth view of your business. We'll learn about your current needs and your future vision. We'll introduce our TrueNorth philosophy regarding risk mitigation within your industry, and share what makes us unique in ours.
Step2 - Plan
With in-depth detail, we'll outline the actions, we think your company should take to mitigate risk. This proposal includes services we can provide to support you. We also share an implementation schedule so you know how the process works and what to expect.
Step3 - Implement
If you agree to move forward and implement our recommendations, we'll address critical initiatives, then finalize a strategic plan to address the other points of risk and prepare a milestone schedule for implementation.
Step4 - Manage
We believe great results cannot be achieved without an actionable plan. That is why we never put a plan in place without managing the effects on your business. Within the manage phase, we partner with you to proactively identify potential gaps. We provide clear communication and progress updates during quarterly meetings designed to monitor areas of risk and ensure consistent progress towards the strategic plan.

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