The most important resources for a transportation enterprise are its drivers.

As transportation companies continue to leverage an asset-light capacity model, independent contractor owner-operators are at their core.

That's why TrueNorth has developed the leading asset-light risk management practice in the industry. Today, we have in excess of 40,000 independent contractors insured through the various programs TrueNorth provides to our logistic provider partners.


Overdrive is a paperless insurance enrollment solution designed with the asset-light enterprise in mind. Synchronize data in real time between your firm, contractors, the insurance company, and TrueNorth. You'll also save more time by documenting the entire driver experience from initial contact in our fully-integrated platform.  Overdrive will make your relationship with drivers more efficient while maximizing your risk management structure. 


Recruit and retain the best independent contractors by offering TrueNorth's benefit platform. TrueChoices person protection programs were built specifically for independent contractors. TrueChoies will help drivers feel happy, feel healthy, and continue moving your firm forward. 

ICX: The Final Mile Practice 

It's no secret - e-commerce trends and the rise of consumer demand continue to shape the final-mile sector. As transportation companies compete to diversify, they now face new, daunting challenges as value-based technologies and shared-capacity networks drive the industry forward. 

To confront these risks and evolve alongside the industry, TrueNorth has assembled the teams and technology platforms that help meet the needs of the final mile sector. Whether you're delivering online goods, packages or people, TrueNorth has the expertise and capabilities to help you compete in this developing market. 

Overdrive, TrueChoices and our ICX platform are just some of the proprietary tools TrueNorth has built to help you protect and maximize your asset-light fleet. Contact our team today to learn more.