A daunting emerging risk facing the business community today centers on people’s use of technology and data.In time, every business connected to the internet will be attacked. 

Cyber resiliency, data security, colleague education & awareness. These issues are at the core of our rapidly advancing Cyber Solutions.  



At TrueNorth, we address Digital Risk as a business problem, NOT just an IT problem.

TrueNorth Cyber Solutions combine the expertise of an insurance agent, with the knowledge and resources of an IT security consultant to help you transfer cyber risk, reduce the likelihood of a breach, and increase post-breach resilience.






Our Cyber Solutions process begins by uncovering gaps preventing you from securing a cyber policy, and supports your team in identifying the appropriate amount of coverage needed for your business. 


Our TrueNorth solutions can solve for, or strengthen and support the following underwriting requirements such as:

  • MFA
  • Secured & tested backups
  • Managed vulnerabilities
  • Patched systems & applications
  • Filtered emails & web content
  • Protected privileged accounts
  • Secured endpoints
  • Logged & monitored network
  • Phishing-aware workforce
  • Prepared incident response 


Take our Cyber Security Assessment to see how you compare to your peers.


There are two constants in business: people, and technology.
As technology evolves and data utilization storage expands, we are here to assist you in navigating this complex and
challenging risk set.

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